Franchise Contract – in Need of Regulation?

Franchise contracts have played a pivotal part in shaping the Polish economy, ever more so since the country’s transition into free-market economy. In 2020, before COVID-19, there were more than 1300 franchise chains in Poland – from small diners and repair shops to such giants as McDonald’s.

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Environmental Decision in Shopping Centre Development and Redevelopment

Public offices issuing administrative decisions at various investment process stages must consider environmental decision findings. Hence, environmental concerns should be among the first ones investors analyze when contemplating developing a shopping centre.

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Unfair Competition – How To Deal With It? Part 3

Silhouettes on cube boxes

Advertising is said to drive commerce. It comes with the territory, as the real trick is not just to manufacture, but to sell at a profit. A well-planned and skilfully executed advertising campaign can add to a product’s or service’s success. While most entrepreneurs compete fairly and ethically, in terms of advertising as well as commerce, some may turn to cutting corners. We would like to share our observations about unfair advertising, which qualifies as tortious unfair competition.

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What Qualifies as Tortious Unfair Competition?

In this alert, we will comment on how to recognise and defend yourself against acts that the Unfair Competition Act (the Act) does not clearly define as unfair competition, but that obviously hurt your business.

The Unfair Competition Act contains a rather lengthy list of acts that are explicitly named unfair competition torts. They fall in several groups. The typical examples are using false or misleading markings, soliciting employees or clients, and unfair advertising. If your rival commits one of these, you may very likely have an evident claim based on the explicit language of the Act.

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Latest Legal Changes Concerning the Inventory of Telecommunications Infrastructure and Services

In the Polish telecommunications sector, the hot topic now is the implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code, which is two years overdue. In contrast, a significant amendment to the Act of 7 May 2010 on supporting the development of telecommunications services and networks (the Act) concerning reporting obligations on the inventory of telecommunications infrastructure and services has passed with little notice. The new rules became effective at the beginning of this year.

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Unfair Competition – How To Deal With It? Part 2

Building Block Tower

In the previous blog entry, we gave a taste of what unfair competition could be like in practice where taking advantage of rival-generated resources is concerned, and what to watch out for to defend your business.

In this part, we want to briefly discuss how to ensure your business’s compliance to protect yourself against unfair competition.

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Unfair Competition – How To Deal With It?

Amid today’s economic downturn concerns, competitive rivalry on the market is undoubtedly gaining momentum. The majority of entities compete on merits, though there are situations where current market situation may give rise to a number of problems previously either unknown or put aside by many entrepreneurs.

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New Provisions Regarding Remote Work

Workplace dynamic has always spearheaded legislative change. Change is the only certainty in employment law. Since the global pandemic broke out, we have been witnessing tremendous economic and social changes, which may now make their way to the Polish Labour Code.

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EU Sanctions Against Russia

European Parliament

The EU first adopted restrictive measures against the Russian Federation back in 2014, in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol and the destabilisation of Ukraine. Since then, the EU has massively expanded the sanctions, following Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and its decision to recognise the non-government-controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts as independent entities in 2022.

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